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Favorite Books
Here are some great books to read...


by E. L. Konigsburg

Mary Rose is miserable at summer camp when she is rescued by her uncle. She is happy to summer with her two elderly, charming uncles. She enjoys their backyard hobby of building towers out of scrap metal and hanging them with pieces of colored glass. But her uncles have been ordered to take down the towers! Mary Rose determines to save them. 

      The audible version of this book is read by Molly Ringwold, who does different voices and makes this good book even better!


The Mysterious Benedict Society

by Trenton Lee Stewart

Mr. Benedict knows something evil is going on in the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. He recruits the four most intelligent and inventive children he can find for a secret mission to find out what is happening in the Institute and its maze of underground tunnels. There might be danger! And excitement!

     There are three books about these four brainy and brave kids and another one about Mr. Benedict's childhood.



The title alone may make you want to read this book! It is a story about an old witch, a girl who has magic she doesn't understand, lost babies, sad villagers, paper birds, and a swampy land called "the bog."

The Chicken Doesn't Skate

by Gordon Korman

For a science project, Milo gets a baby chick and records its growth. He will make it into fried chicken for the science fair. But kids get attached to the chick. She becomes the hockey team's good luck mascot. They have to save her!          

      Gordon Korman has written 75 books, and many of them--like this one--are funny.

the Timmy Failure series

by Stephan Pastis 

Timmy Failure runs the best detective agency in town--maybe in the whole country--from an office in his mother's clothes closet. His business partner is a polar bear named Total.

     This series is lots of fun! Timmy is very serious, even when things get ridiculous. The book titles themselves are funny, like Mistakes Were Made and The Book You're Not Supposed to Have.