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How Kids Lived in the 1950's

I grew up a very long time ago. Things were A LOT different for kids then, especially for girls.

I didn't go to kindergarten because my school didn't have one. I stayed home and did I don't know what. V-E-R-Y B-O-R-I--N--G. What a waste of brain energy!

Girls had to wear dresses or skirts to school. No shorts! No jeans!

Only boys could have a paper route.

Girls who ran around and climbed trees were called "tom boys." All the girls in my neighborhood were tom boys. We had a lot of fun.

There was no internet. People didn't have computers or email.

A postage stamp was purple with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it. Postage never went up--a stamp cost 4 cents for a looooooong time.

There were no cell phones. There were no portable phones. When you talked on the phone, you could only walk as far away as the telephone cord reached. Some families had "telephone tables": a table connected to a seat with a shelf for the telephone book. We sure don't need those any more!

The United States flag had only 48 stars. Alaska and Hawaii did not become states until 1959. Did you know that?

There were only three channels on TV, and they went off the air at night. Everything on TV was in black and white.