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Favorite Books

Here are some books you might enjoy......

The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron

Lucky is 10 and lives in the desert in a very small town with her guardian Brigitte. Lucky remembers the first time she saw Brigitte: she was walking across the desert carrying her suitcase and wearing a bright red dress. Lucky has a friend named Lincoln, who intends to become president when he grows up, and Miles, a sometimes-annoying little kid who likes cookies.
    Lucky worries that Brigitte will move back to France and that she will be sent to an orphanage.
    Lucky always carries a survival kit, just in case. Do you have a survival kit?

Lucky Breaks
Susan Patron

If you liked reading about Lucky in THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY, you will like LUCKY BREAKS! Lucky ponders what it means to be eleven, helps Brigitte open a cafe, and meets a girl her own age named Paloma.</>

David and the Phoenix
Edward Ormondroyd

original 1957 cover>

    David moves to a new house with a mountain behind it. Exploring, he finds a huge, talking bird called "Phoenix." The Phoenix lets David ride on his back, and they fly to faraway places where they have adventures.
    This was my absolutely favorite book when I was nine! Please tell me if you like it, too.

The Chicken Doesn't Skate
Gordon Korman

This is a fun book. As a science project, Milo is going to demonstrate the food chain. He gets a baby chick, records its growth, and plans to have it cooked and served to the judges at the science fair. The chick lives in the classroom.
     But kids get attached to the chick, name it Henrietta, and sign up to take Henrietta home on weekends. Henrietta becomes the hockey team's mascot and good luck charm. When the hockey team and other kids find out that Milo means to make Henrietta into fried chicken, they're horrified! They have to save her!

     Gordon Korman has written 75 books, and a lot of them are funny.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

Nothing 13-year-old Charlotte Doyle learned in school in England prepared her for being the only passenger on a ship of rough sailors bound for her home in Rhode Island. The captain is stern, even unfair, and the sailors grumble about him. Charlotte sides with the crew and soon finds herself involved in a mutiny. She exchanges her dress for pants, climbs the rigging, and learns how to be a sailor. If you've ever wished you could have an adventure, you will like this book!