Here is how you say Apolzon: "apples on" as in "apples on a tree."

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Sycamore trees are great for climbing because their bark is smooth.

Selected Works

a middle-grade novel published by Royal Fireworks Press, 1997
a story in Highlights, Nov. 2010
a story in Spider Magazine, Apr. 2009                                              also in Kindle book:            


                                                                                               Linda Rae Apolzon has been writing stories and poems all her life. When she became a mother she rediscovered the world of picture books and enjoyed them as much as her children did. After she searched unsuccessfully for a book on tools for her son, she wrote one herself and sold it to Golden Books. Later she wrote another Golden Book titled I'll Share With You and a novel, Stray Cat. Over the years she has published stories and poems in Highlights, Ranger Rick, Hopscotch, Boys' Quest, and Spider.
    Now she is working on several picture books and a book about trees.

I am working on a book about trees.