a young girl's review of STRAY CAT:

"Don't let the cover throw you off, this book is great! The plot is fabulous because it is something we can all relate with. Like Katrina's problems at her old school, her struggle to fit in at her new school and what happens when she meets Amy. The decisions she has to make throughout the book, and the effects of these decisions are so real, you feel asthough you are Katrina, thinking about what to do. And all through the book she is trying to befriend a shy homeless kitten who needs her love more than anything. That is what really ties the book together. So, if you're looking for a good book, you just found it!"


Katrina is a gifted child, great at math, but not so good at social skills. When boredom in the fifth grade classroom sets in and she annoys her old-fashined teacher by asking too many questions, she is sent to the principal's office. Mom decides Katrina needs to be intellectually challenged. Somehow, the family will find the money to send her to the Margaret James private school for girls.

Katrina does not welcome the change. At first she attempts to sabotage it, but the math teacher gives her fun nimber puzzles, and Katrina decides to stay.

Desperately seeking a best friend, Katrina reaches out to Amy Nishi, whom she discovers is a pianist hiding her talents. Katrina works on learning "empathy," and the friendship blooms.

She learns about homeless people and is kinder to the stray cat. Then things get complicated, and Katrina has to decide what it means to be a friend.